CyRIC summer internship positions

TDIP (pronounced Too-Deep) is CyRIC’s Summer Internship Programme, aimed to bring students close to cutting-edge technologies and equip them with key employability skills and experience via a hands-on project to boost their CV and portfolio.

Who are you and is it for me?

  • You are a highly-motivated tech-geek or tech-freak who can code or solder (ideally both) and have the foundations in Electronic/Electrical/Computer Engineering or Computer Science (min. 7/10 or equiv.)
  • We are an innovation-driven R&D company running multi-million EU and local applied research and innovation programmes and a pipeline of disruptive products under development.
  • We offer our team’s expertise at CyRIC ( and facilities at CyRIC’s Gravity Incubator ( to few high-calibre students looking for a summer internship.
  • You will receive one-to-one mentoring and guidance to design and implement a proof-of-concept project of mutual interest to boost your CV and portfolio.

Choose your arena and weapon

    • Internet of Things Arena
      • Libelium Waspmote (Wireless, sensors, IoT)
      • Metawear Metamotion (Data analysis, sports applications)
      • Akolyt,Navdy (OBDII, car interfaces and driver assistance)
      • Particle Electron (IoT, sensors)
      • Kinoma Create (JavaScript powered hardware kit, IoT)
      • DJI Drone (remote sensing and survey)
    • Wellbeing and Wearables Arena
      • Open BCI (Brain Computer Interface, EEG)
      • Empatica E4 Wristband (vital signal monitoring, wellbeing applications)
      • SCiO Molecular Sensor (spectroscopic applications)
    • Educational Technologies Arena
      • Sphero 2 (mobile computing robot)
      • Ultimaker 3D printer (3D printing in schools)
      • Engino robotic platform ERP (educational applications)

Internship Format:

  • Allowance: Travel expenses covered
  • Incentives: Exceptional performance bonus (cash award up to 500EUR or gadget of your choice)
  • Duration: 6-10 weeks (depending on project and availability)
  • Working hours: Full-time flexible with teleworking possible
  • Internships available: 1-2 per area (Total 5)

How to apply?
Select an area and one or maximum two technologies/gadgets from list above, write a 1-page maximum motivation letter outlining an application or project you would like to investigate during your internship and send this in Greek or English with your CV and transcript to (cc:

Application deadline:  31stMay 2017
Selection notification:  1st – 4th June 2017
Earliest starting date: 5thJune 2017
Latest starting date: 19th June 2017

[PDF]: CyRIC_TDIP-InternshipPosition