PHOEBE Research and Innovation Ltd – IEEE Action for Industry 2018 internship positions

PHOEBE Summer Internship Program re-launched!
We are now accepting applications. Are you joining?

PHOEBE Research and Innovation Ltd is a startup company established in 2016 taking advantage of the long experience and strong skills-set of its founders. The company operates through its offices in Strovolos (Nicosia) and is very active in creating innovative energy-efficient solutions through systems monitoring and control, exploiting state-of-the-art research-based intellectual property within industrial applications.

PHOEBE participates successfully in National and European-funded projects, as well as in industry-initiated projects. Our Summer Internship Program, will offer the chance to successful candidates to work on currently running projects in the areas of Smart Water Systems, Smart Buildings or Smart Electric Power Grids, under the guidance and supervision of experienced team members.

We are currently looking for software developers/engineers with interest in web/mobile technologies.

Candidates are expected to demonstrate/prove knowledge of at least one of the following skills:

  • Software programming/development in Python
  • Software programming/development using widely-adopted web frameworks e.g., Django, Flask, React, Vue.js, etc.
  • Building/Developing RESTful APIs
  • Designing/Developing hardware parts using microcontrollers and standard communication protocols and technologies

Prior working experience IS NOT necessary. However, demonstrating personal activity within open source software communities, programming competitions (such as IEEEXtreme) and self-initiated projects, will be evaluated positively.

Showing personal dedication to learn and advance personal and company knowledge, as well as being able to assume ownership of assigned tasks will be highly appreciated.

Period: 3-month internship
Payment: Unpaid. A bonus package of 500 EUR will be offered to successful candidates that will demonstrate exceptional performance.
Working hours: Full-time. It is fine with us if during some days of the week you need to work remotely.
Open positions: 2

Please, send your CV at [email protected] and also give a brief description of your background and qualifications, past projects and expectations from the internship.

Application Deadline: 31st May 2018