Quantum safe optical and packet networks by Andreas Jelinek (ADVA)

EUC IEEE Student Branch invited you to the following lecture.

Subject: Quantum safe optical and packet networks by Andreas Jelinek (ADVA)
When: 05 April 2023 10:00 AM-11:00 AM (UTC+02:00) Athens, Bucharest.
Where: European University Cyprus (Auditorium Delta – Use Elevator from Reception)

Talk by Andreas Jelinek (ADVA)

The address of the talk/ meeting is: 6 Diogenous Street, Egkomi, Nicosia (European University Cyprus)
Room: Auditorium Delta

Title: Quantum safe optical and packet networks

Abstract: Describing the needs for quantum safe communication in today’s and future communication networks. Elaborating why pure data encryption will not be sufficient to secure personal, business sensitive, confidential data on the long run against cybercrime referring to some physical and technical basics. Outlining the Euro-QCI initiative to build quantum communication infrastructure based on encrypted data transmission protected by quantum safe key exchange.

Short bio: Andreas Jelinek, born 1967 in Vienna, high-school diploma for communication engineering; worked 23 years for Siemens in the telecommunication division in Austria, Germany and UK in various functions starting from R&D engineer, system engineer, business development and technical consultant. Since 25 years management functions and since 13 years employed by ADVA (now ADTRAN) as a regional sales director for Eastern Europe, Russia, CIS with focus on communication solutions in optical networking.